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    I am in the midst helping run a site,
    I was in messing with some themes today and changing some things but did not save anything. Now the site is in disarray and I can’t access the sites wordpress. Not sure what happened but if I could receive some help that would be great.



    Hi @zpatraw15, can you confirm the site address? The one you listed seems to be owned by someone who is selling the domain.

    Also, these forums are for the sites hosted and managed here at If you need help with an individual WordPress installation you’re running with another host, you’ll want to use the correct forums at



    Yes that is the correct site. He is not selling the domain anymore.
    Neither him nor I can access the sites wordpress login page. We need help with that.



    The listed domain appears to be for sale and parked by and not owned by anyone in particular.

    If that was indeed the correct URL, you’ll need to check with your domain registrar to find out what happened.

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