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    this site – [site link redacted by mod] is pre-posting material I’ve written for, they haven’t asked permission and they aren’t putting my name on the posts. Can yu help at all? It looks to me like they are using wordpress.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there, after doing a WHOIS search on that domain, it is not hosted here on WordPressdotcom servers. In order to file a DMCA take down order you would need to contact that site’s web hosting provider, which looks to be

    Here’s more on Preventing Content Theft: and what you can do if you find your copyrighted materials somewhere else on the web without your permission

    I’ve also gone ahead and removed the link to the site in question as I doubt you intended to send them traffic and these public forums are quickly crawled and indexed by search engines.

    Hoping for a quick resolution to your problem.



    Thank you!

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