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    I used site redirect and it deleted my site, how do I reverse this and get my blog back? I wanted to have them both up…

    The blog I need help with is



    The site linked to your name seems to load fine for me – I end up on a WordPress.COM site.

    Are you asking about other sites? If so we need to URL of the sites in question.


    Do you get sent to I can’t see it when I click, it sends me to the link but with no blog just the beginners template. I tried to get rid of the redirect as it seems to have cut my subscribers from getting notifications…the site I had it sent to was



    I see: that is full of things – your picture – a clock etc.

    A note about things like redirects etc. it can take a while for the changes to migrate to the far corners of the internet – usually changes start in a few hours but can take 24 to 72 hours for things to settle down – you can also have problems with local caching issues and your ISP and routers between you and your site.



    @redneckprincess, you typed “the” in front of what you wrote out – guessing that is where you are trying to go. Like Auxclass said, the one without the “the” is there & working.


    Kellywpa…that was my panicked typing as I was on the way to work, I still was getting redirected and couldn’t find it :) walking away and clearing my cache made it all better.

    So does anyone have any solutions to making the subscribers get your redirected posts??? Or do they just have to resubscribe?

    And thank you for the help :)

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