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Site Redirect from my own domain to an other own domain

  1. Hi,

    I added an own domain to my wordpress blog, so I passed from to
    Now I need to change the domain to an other own domain:
    From to

    Is it possible to use Site Redirect to redirect traffic from to


  2. How about the real names and the real WordPress.COM blog? Then maybe someone will help - I doubt you really own

  3. Hi,

    The idea was to follow the explanation in , so I thought that the real names were not needed.

    Do you need the real names to answer the question?


  4. We need the real names of the blogs and URLs otherwise we can't sort it out. We don't need to know YOUR real name.

  5. Hi,

    WordPress.COM blog is :
    Now we are using the own domain :

    We want to change to a new own domain :

    The question is if we can use Site Redirect to redirect from to


  6. Do you want the blog to appear at or do you intend to host a different site at and just redirect traffic to that?

  7. Hi macmanx,

    I want the blog to appear at

    The plan is to add in Domains, and set it as a Primary. Then I want to do a permanently redirect from to to preserve indexed content in Google , but I don't know if WordPress Site Redirect can do that.

    Note: I have and with GoDaddy.


  8. Ok, what I'd recommend doing is mapping to the blog via Store -> Domains in your Dashboard.

    Then, through GoDaddy, forward to

  9. Ok macmanx. I'll try it and I'll post the result.

    Thanks for your help.

  10. You're welcome!

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