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Site redirect to a self-hosted directoy

  1. Hi, I'm looking at the help and searching through forums but could not find a definitive answer to this.

    A friend has a blog hosted in for his e-commerce site. He purchased a customer domain upgrade and is now at

    He now wants to host himself in a subdirectory in his site ( and redirect from

    Can that redirection be done through the 'site redirect' upgrade? If not, any ideas/reccomendations?

  2. Wait. We need the exact URL of your friend's site, because it does not sound like a blog; we can't do ecommerce.

  3. Sorry, I should have made it clearer: He has his site already self hosted, only the blog is in


    His site, self-hosted:
    His blog, in

    Where he wants to put his blog, self-hosted:

    Hope this clarifies.

  4. No, we need to know the URL of the blog. Not the rough format of the URL but the actual URL.

  5. I'll check with him to see if he's ok with it (although I'm not sure why the actual URL is needed, frankly).

  6. To avoid wasting the volunteer's time.

  7. Ok, he's fine with it, so here it is, now with realname(tm) :)


    His site, self-hosted:
    His blog, in (paid custom domaing, real blog at http//

    Where he wants to put his blog, self-hosted:

    So he should redirect from http// to, but I am not sure if the 'site redirect' upgrade allows it.

  8. Yes, that should be doable. It's exactly what the redirect is designed for.

  9. Great, thanks! As the redirect support page did not mention specifically subdirectories, I was not sure...

    Is there a place where I could suggest to include and example with a subdirectory to the support page?

  10. Not as far as I know. Maybe the Ideas forum?

  11. Will try that, thanks again!

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