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site redirection

  1. I'm trying to map to

    is there anything that I can buy / install to accomplish this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is the RSS Feed URL for your posts

    To learn more about types of feeds see here

  3. yup, that is working, but itunes has the wrong url, and you can't update itunes; so I'm hoping for a server side redirect solution.

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  5. thank you;

    this site used to be on a personal server with a 3rd party podcasting package; we moved to and the RSS is working with the new link; no issues. but once itunes has been set, it can't be updated from what I have figured out.

    so there are no issues w/ podcasting, we just have an old URL that we'd really like to redirect to get our listeners back :)

  6. is there anything that I can buy / install to accomplish this?

    I'm afraid the answer is no. That is not functionality that offers.

    I'm surprised that itunes won't allow you to update a URL. That is a shame.

    Could you put in a redirect at your registrar? It's not the most efficient way to go, but it might work.

  7. thank you for the information;

    Podcasts are not associated to our "account" you submit them and then it is fire and forget. it is the same for most other podcast managers. I think stitcher actually has your account and maintains a relationship.

    I think that the registrar only does DNS, and we are dealing with a URL level thing here. there is no way to put URL level rewriting rules into your name record. This normally happens at the server handling the request not at the name resolution.

    is there a way to put static content at the url ?

  8. If you switched to using an A-Record to map your domain to, you could put the redirect in at your registrar. It's not the cleanest way to do things, because we cannot guarantee static IPs. But it all depends on how important the issue is to you.

  9. ..... I might consider it even tough it feels terrible.

    I read trough rfc1035 and found nothing that looked like it acted on the url level; so this is probably out of my league.

    thank you,

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