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Site reserved on my name, arggh. was it me?

  1. Hello all, here's a query. I have a blog site that I haven't used for ages and which I think isn't even live. I have come back to it now as i'm thinking of re-starting it. I however, want to change the blog address to my own name, which is a rather unique name, but when I try to do this in dashboard it comes up with site reserved, but when I type the address there is no site. I have a feeling I may have set this myname site up ages ago but I can't find anyway of knowing this for sure. So my question is - is there a way of finding out If this address really is mine/ reserved by someone else/ and then can I take it myself. Help would be much appreciated as it's driving me a bit nuts.
    Blog url:

  2. asbadgerseesit

    Everyone assumes their name is unique and it's not usually the case. What is the name in question? If the site is reserved then someone does have that Username, and if that person is not you then you can't use the URL. I can tag this for staff as they can help, but you will need proof of some kind. i.e. the email address for that account.

  3. hi, and thank you for your reply. The name is fay trier and yes I have email address to this name. If you flag to staff that would be great. Thanks again.

  4. You did register the username faytrier back on October 27, but never registered the blog

    Just a few minutes after registering, you changed your username to mememe36, which as stated in the numerous warnings, permanetly deleted the faytrier username which can never be used again. As such, the blog can never be registered.

  5. ah darn i wasn't sure at all about changing the username. I didn't even know I'd registered the faytrier blog back in October and also recently. I'm totally new to WordPress so I wasn't sure what I was doing. well that's that. ok thanks anyway.

  6. You're welcome!

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