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  1. Seriously, we cannot believe this just happened. We finally got a response from Google as to why are site 'vanished' from the search engines. All of a sudden, we're 'violating webmaster guidelines' (we've NEVER had this issue, not once, we've been online for 5 months) out of the blue Google is now telling us we're in violation of their stuff.

    Can somebody review our site, and maybe tell us what on earth could possibly be wrong with it? (

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry bbu that's not our role here. Our role is to answer question that directly pertain to support issues. If you want to go head to head with Google then hire an SRO specialist but before you waste any money on that purge every bit of duplicate -unoriginal content from your blog -- everything that's been published elsewhere.

  3. We're not even sure what to do. :/. We've never had this 'violation' problem before, now all of a sudden with this 'Penguin' thing we're getting messages saying we have.

    Do you know what we can use to see if we have duplicate content (posts on both our site) and off (copied by others)?

  4. You need to go to the Google Webmaster's site, read what's there in the Quality guidelines and other docs, act to correct your violations, and apply for reconsideration.

  5. I've read those guidelines, we're not in violation of any of them. Our content is unique, we do not and haven't hosted any sort of spammy links, or anything like that. We've done everything ourselves, we don't even use/do/have somebody who does SEO. We've never done S.E.O, so how could we be in violation of webmaster guidelines?

  6. This is not a issue. All issues with search engines are between the blogger and the search engines.

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