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  1. I'm confused by the site rules - I can't actually find any. Are there any rules about what I can/can't have on my blog? In particular, things that could cause offence (political opinions, religion etc.)

  2. Yes there are rules and if you look down at the bottom of this page and you will see a link called 'Terms of Service' which will take you to this page:

    Any other questions you may have that are not covered there can be sent to staff through the feedback button on your dashboard.

  3. Whoops - probably should have read it before starting a blog. o_o;

    Never mind, I have absolutely no intention of breaking any of those rules, so that's OK.


    P.S.: I think that resolves my question, but I don't know how to mark that on the forum. Sorry! I did mark this thread as "newbie," after all!

  4. While in the thread just set it to resolved at the top just under the thread title. Glad that helped.

  5. Thanks again!

  6. You're welcome.

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