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    Can someone please explain the benefit of moving my blog stats away from my blog? It wastes time and adds complexity. The new world map is great, but moving the stats to no mans land is really lame. Why?


    Short answer I suspect is that by doing that, gets a hit each time someone looks at their stats page and for some that might be 50 times a day. The more hits gets, the better they look to advertisers and the higher their search engine ranking.

    Look to see your dashboard completely go away at some point and you will do everything from the main page of

    And to answer the why, because they want to.



    That’s a real shame. I really like WordPress. This is the first thing they have done that has annoyed me. Let’s hope it’s the beginning of a slow slippery slope rather than a swift one. In case anyone there cares or is listening, there’s still time to change…



    And if this the first thing they have done that has annoyed you, you’re a new user!



    Yes I am quite new.

    I look forward to more “improvements” by WordStress!

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