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  1. How come the site statistics also counts my own visits? Should it be not counting our own visits to our own blog? It now confuses my knowing of how many visitors (not including myself) have visited my blog.

    Please clarify what has happened. Thanks very much.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your visits are only counted on your own blog if it is a private blog. On public blogs, your visits are not counted.

    Here's the memo:

  3. My own visit is counted, if I've cleared my internet History / Cookies. Only counts it once, and that works the same for everybody else that visits my site I presumed?

  4. I'm not an expert on how the stats work on I do know from experience with my own blogs that if you are logged in and if your blog is a public blog, your own visits will not be counted. However, if your blog is private, your visits will be counted.

  5. Thanks for the replies. It's strange to me that I set up my blog as private from the very beginning (end of 2010) and the stats showed from the beginning that "your own visits are not counted". But now it is counted and it's just happened from last week.

  6. Regardless your blog is still private and if you are the only user on the blog, the stats reflect your own visits to your blog.

    If you have a private blog where you have invited viewers, then their visits are also being counted.

  7. technicalcopywriter

    I've been working on a private blog for the last two months, and today it's suddenly started counting my own visits to the site (it wasn't earlier!). Strange ... but true.

  8. @technicalcopywriter-Not strange at all if you read through this entire thread and the links I pointed to here.

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