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  1. Can you see what state your site has been viewed in? Like it tells me how many views and the "country" but can you see the exact states it's been viewed by? I just really want to know how broad to write more often if that makes any sense.
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  2. I'm sorry but the site stats record biews by country and by American states. Also be aware that this is an international forum. I for example am a Canadian.

  3. See here for more information of site stats >

  4. I'd like to make a correction of my comment above to be more clear. I'm sorry but the site stats record views by country, not by American states.

  5. Can you delete this once your question is answered or it's just stuck in the forms forever now?

  6. Only Moderators and Staff can delete threads. The reason why this is is plainly stated. We expect every blogger to search forum threads before they post as these threads are resources for learning.

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