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    My site stats one my dashboard are not loading

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    Stats on your site are working fine for me.

    Are they not loading in the My Sites dashboard on, or in your site’s admin dashboard? Either way, please check if clearing your browser cache makes any difference.


    Hi again
    I tried clearing out the browser cache. Nothing changed. The stats are still not showing up


    Hi – Does using a different web browser work any better?


    I only use google chrome. I don’t use internet explorer. Doesn’t work properly on my computer



    Can you make sure you’re not having any ad-blocking or other security extension installed in Chrome? Those kinds of extensions can be the cause of those issues.


    I removed it and nothing changed. Site stats still arent showing up



    Can you please try a different browser like Firefox to make sure there’s nothing wrong with your installation of Chrome?

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