site stats are not working

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    My total site stats for visitors and views doesn’t seem to be working

    The blog I need help with is



    Our stats are not real time stats. The data is cached and takes hours to update. See here for more on stats >



    You may also notice that your visitor count lags behind your views count. This is due to the way we are currently crunching the numbers. Typically a view is reported within five minutes, while it can take up to two hours to report new visitors.



    Hi timethief, maybe you could help me. My stats are not working as they used to. There are no country views, no visitor/views (it’s only views), and when you click on stats it goes to the enhanced stats page and shows my avatar in the corner and that’s it. I’ve gone to your links, but they’re of no help. I’ve contacted supported and heard nothing, so far. Of course, I’d like to see country views, visitor vs. views, and be able to check individual days (I can’t do that, either). Thanks, Caleb

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