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    I see that the site stats page is updated to show hits by country on a map. India has 4 back areas: 3 of Kashmir and 1 of Arunachal Pradesh. I presume this is done for the sake of the ‘disputed territories’ concern.

    In that case do we see the Palestine in black? Do we see Tibet in black? What about territorial disputes regarding the Russian federation, the rest of the Middle East, the Falkland Islands, Kosovo, the Sudan, etc?

    I would like to know whether WordPress is taking a stand on these issues or simply bowing down to territorial interests of major world powers.

    The blog I need help with is



    India is all one color on my map. Dark orange.



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    Exactly what map are you talking about?

    The only map I see on the stats page is entirely black and dark blue, with points of white, green and yellow to indicate new posts, comments and likes.


    Site Stats has a panel, views by country. Click ‘summaries’ I see India red with the 4 aforementioned areas in black.

    I bear no issue if every other disputed territory in the word is black.



    New Stats feature! Thanks for pointing that out. And the map colors appear to be a “heat map” meaning the more intense the color, the higher the number of visits from that place.

    FWIW-I see no “black” areas at all on my map(s). All countries with no visitors show grey (too many of those!), so a screenshot of what you are seeing would certainly assist.



    OK-now I see what you mean. “Disputed areas” do appear to be lined and not solid colors. Since some areas are so small, it required zooming in.



    I still do not see that on mine, zooming in or not.



    If you are on the summaries page, mouse over any country and it will zoom the area.

    Helpful screenshot



    Color is assigned by number of views. The more views you have from a country, the redder it is.

    More info:


    I have a screenshot of what i see here;


    Make what you want of it. If Aksai Chin and AP are in black because of Chinese claims, then Tibet should be too.



    I could zoom, Jen – I didn’t see what you saw.



    Correction – last night it was not there – NOW mine looks like yours. That is only what I can term WEIRD.


    Yup, I blog from Delhi and get lots of Indian visitors – and my stats map very clearly shows Kashmir & Jammu and AP as hatched areas. On a cursory exam of other countries with disputed areas, I couldn’t find any other hatching.

    Can macmanx or another staff member explain what is going on?



    Hi, oghmawriteshere & all,
    Automattic is most certainly not taking a stance on any territorial disputes in India or elsewhere. As a matter of fact, we never noticed those shaded regions during development.

    The visualization is constructed with a third-party charting tool ( Google’s Geochart ). Their API documentation offers no method of affecting territory borders.

    If you’d like to tinker with the kind of code we’re using, check out this jsfiddle:

    Let me know if you have any questions and thank you for bringing these implications to light.




    So is this restricted to India or other nations also?.


    Thank you jblz for the clarification. If it’s third party, i don’t blame WP. But it seems more than a little irresponsible on your part to use a tool which clearly lacks impartiality, in the long run.

    Google may be anti-Indian, but WP need not tag that line.

    I saw the Google Geochart thing. On the whole world map, only 4 regions of India are black. That’s disgusting.



    I agree, it certainly appears to be India that is singled out for this. Looking at other disputed territories, only the Indian ones are marked.

    I think there must be some Jihadis in Google



    And I belong to that blackened area :)
    I feel much bad when I see world’s map. And this one is weird for sure.



    I meant Kashmir.

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