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    I really like the informative Site Stats feature, I have no complaints about it. However there are a few additions I would like to see:

    1. 2nd/3rd/4th Page view counts. It’s great to see how many are checking out the Home Page, but I’m curious to see how many ventured beyond.

    2. Something to show which Post(s) each Search Engine Term is landing on. It should work like this: highlight a Search Engine Term, and you can see the corresponding post(s) also highlight. Most of the time, it’s obvious to see which posts a SET is taking a user. But the really vague terms could use some interpretation.

    3. Same as 2, but I’d like to see Clicks corresponding with Posts they are in. I use the same link many times, would be nice to see which posts are responsible. This might also help weed out commenters who like to add links to their comments later. Highlight a click, and see which posts it originated from also highlight.

    4. Same as 2 and 3, but Referrers and the corresponding Posts too. I often see Facebook as a referrer, but I can’t check the origin link. Would be nice to see which posts everyone from Facebook is coming in to see. Highlight a referrer, and see which posts they lead to also highlight.




    Hi. For #1, you could use StatCounter (or something similar). It can tell you the path a visitor followed during their visit.

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