Site Stats is screwed up…

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    What happened on the Site Stats page? Listings are cut off and we can’t see numbers. It looks like you’ve put in 3 columns on the box and have put no info under Today and Yesterday columns, and a too short third column has the infor… AND CUTS OFF VISITOR NUMBERS!

    Fix it.

    The blog I need help with is



    My site stats page is blank – I can’t see the visitor chart! can you please advise?!?



    @tillb: Hi. I suppose you are talking about your dashboard. Click on Screen options on top and if your number of columns is set to 3, change it back to 2. I can’t do that for you because we are not staff here, just volunteers with no access to the back end.

    @hakuba: Hi. What browser name and version number do you use? Have you tried emptying your cache memory and deleting your cookies?



    My Stats have not moved for 3 hours and I’m sure I am getting views and reads because I went to a friends’ computer and clicked on some of my articles and nothing changed.



    @padresteve: Just to make sure… If you are visiting your blog while you are logged in, it doesn’t count. If you are absolutely sure this is not the case, then you might contact staff directly:


    I can see my stats fine in Firefox and Chrome, but not IE 9. I just downloaded IE9 yesterday.

    I am missing the “At a Glace” chart with IE9. I have the X axis and the Y axis, but there is a big white space where the graph should be.




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