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    How is it possible my blog has 4 followers but only 3 views? I have Likes and Followers and all that coming in, and it still says I have ZERO views. I put Statcounter code on my blog, and Statcounter is counting views, but WordPress IS NOT. Why not?

    The blog I need help with is



    WordPress doesn’t count bots, for instance. Statcounter WILL count the bots search engines send to your blog to register it.

    As for your first issue, does your blog have 3 views EVER? Because more people can be subscribed than are counted in stats, since if they read it in email or on their dashboard, it doesn’t count as a view.


    I also had some people come over and look at my blog, and they did and they left “Likes” behind and/or “Followed” my blog, and their “Likes” and “Follows” counted, but not their views.


    Um, ok. I guess I just don’t understand how a person can view the blog and it doesn’t count as a view? How can a person view my post in their Dashboard without ever visiting?


    I forgot to add I have 3 views All Time to answer the question above.



    That IS unusual, since someone would have to visit your blog to subscribe. You can ask staff directly via your dashboard Help button.



    I’m having a problem with stats too.

    I have an average of 60-70 views per day, and recently (last 2-3 days) I had 10 views or less, it’s quite strange.

    I created a new blog post yesterday, the stats for that post seem fine but there’s definitively something worng with the stats for the other posts



    Same deal for me. I have two sites with WP Stats. When I updated to WordPress 3.3.1, my stats did not work very well on one site and it was okay on the other. I have tried backing out to 3.2.1, added the Jetpack, and still nothing. I normally had about 100 unique hits/day, and now I get 0 or 2. My hosting account still shows the hits like before, but not the stats. Even worse, my Amazon and Ad Sense affiliate accounts are not tracking.



    Hello there,
    This is the support forum for those with free hosted blogs. You have a install and your issue with Jetpack is not the same issue. Please see the information at these links:
    JetPack FAQs
    JetPack support page
    JetPack support tickets

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