Site stats that seem numerically impossible.

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    Over the past few weeks, I have observed anomalies on my site stats page: numbers that do not seem possible. Unfortunately I cannot attach a screen cap, but here are 2 examples:
    1. My stats page this morning says that I have had 3 visitors so far, but the “views by country shows 4 countries.
    2. I have frequently updated my stats, and seen that the number of viewers increased, but the number of views did not.



    Also, possibly related: A few times in the last couple of weeks, I have seen my “followers” increase, even though the icon at top right, which shows new comments and followers, does not record the new follower.
    Both this issue and the stats numbers may correspond to the update of the banner format at the top of the stats page.
    I expect these are coding issues, which WordPress will address, if enough people bring it to their attention.


    I have the same problem…either the stats are lagging behind or there is some other glitch. There is nearly always a discrepancy when I look at them.

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