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  1. Hi! I have a site that I have mapped with my domain. I am considering switching to self-hosting as I require a few additional functionalities. I have been searching the support site for any word on transferring stats to a self-hosted Don't find anywhere where it says you can. Wanted to know if there are any new developments on this or if there was anything coming down the road? Id appreciate the help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you install the JetPack plugin in your site then you can ask Staff to transfer your stats for you.

  3. really? thats fantastic news. So it won't transfer when I do an export and import, but I would have to ask staff members to do so? Would I request it here in the support section?

    On a completely different note: thanks for all your help timethief. Time and time again, you help out my support requests

  4. I'm so sorry I was wrong. Unfortunately, there is no way to transfer stats at this time. This is what I found when I searched the forum threads.

  5. P.S. Thanks for the kind words. I hope you don't want to withdraw them due to the error I made. :(

  6. No, not going to withdraw then for a tiny hiccup. Everyone makes mistakes.

    It be nice to get word from an engineer if this functionality is in the works for future availability. Though the stats I am trying to move are not that high, its stats that are needed for advertising.

    Nonetheless, thank you for replying and linking me to that thread! =)

  7. Thanks for being gracious. :) As for whether or not this is planned for the future only Staff can respond to that so I'll flag this thread for their attention.

  8. Thank you! =)

  9. You're welcome. :)

  10. This is planned for the future, but I don't have details on when or how high of a priority it is.

  11. Thanks a bunch macmanx - hopefully sooner than later. For now, im happy with the options on (though I may need the CSS upgrade). Hopefully something like this shall be announced.

    Thanks for the reply!

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