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    I’ve read the posts in the forum and have gone to both websites. What counter does everyone like the best out of the two. sitemeter or statcounter?

    I also use but it doesn’t give great indepth stats so I am looking for a better one to supplment it.

    I have an account with both and have tried them a little, but would like to get feedback from the community on which one you prefer?




    I prefer Site Meter. It gives me all that I need to know and more. Unfortunately, doesn’t allow Javascript, so the referral information and some other stuff is unavailable.



    Thumbs up for SiteMeter. :)



    Well, I’ve just installed sitemeter on my blog (Danu’s small world; an either I didn’t installed it right (even if it seems ok…) or it doesn’t work properly (there were some mentions of limitations on…) because I see in my blog statistics 29 visits and on my sitemeter only only (and that since yesterday)… I will try to reinstall everything again…

    ion danu



    Remember that they will NEVER give identical numbers. They are counting different kinds of things, so they’ll never agree completely. The important thing is that you’ve got a backup in case one kind of stat counter goes down.



    I like StatCounter.


    I don’t know about you guys, but I have yet to have the internal numbers I get from WP agree with the numbers I get from statcounter. SC is always waaay under reporting.



    Do NOT post exactly the same comment to two different threads. The forum volunteers have enough to deal with without having to read the same thing twice.


    deadgrasshopper, see raincoaster’s comment two above you.



    Is there any other stat counter for which WordPress will allow referral information? I like Sitemeter but am frustrated that no referral info. comes through. (I understand the concerns with Java and Flash).



    Why don’t you get the referral information from your stat page?


    @ thesacredpath – Yaaaaa, I cannot believe that of all the comments, that was the one I managed to skip over. Pretty embarrassing.

    @ raincoaster – I’m not looking to pick a bone here, but the comment I left here and the one on id=15137 are not the same. The topic here is comparing sitemeter to statcounter and I was simply posting my experience with statcounter. Id=15137 clearly says “problem with statcounter” which is where, besides mentioning the blogger alternative, I ask if anyone else had underreporting issues (if you look at the time stamp, I found the other thread first). I, and I’m sure the rest of the community, do appreciate people such as yourself donating your expertise and I will do a better job of avoiding grey areas such as this in the future.

    To the rest of you guys, when I say waaay underreporting (one word) I don’t mean by a mere handful. Specific example: on Sept 8th WP says I got 16 hits and SC says 5 (and that’s looking at just page loads). That’s a 3.2 fold (or 69%) difference. I don’t know how many of you are science types, but try publishing data like that and the review committee would crucify you. I believe raincoaster when he says they measure different things (I haven’t bothered to educate myself), but based on my data (not just this one example) one of these counters is no good. Based on the “search engine terms” numbers in the WP “blog stats”, I would have to say that WP’s numbers are more accurate. I’m not saying that SC should be flushed down the toilet, but perhaps its not the best choice when using WP’s free service (no javascript, assuming that is the culprit).

    Am I the only one experiencing such huge differences? (note, this is the only place I’m asking this question) :)



    Sorry, I’ve been a little hot off the handle lately. I appreciate your patience.

    As for the stats: those differences are common. Yes, huge differences on small sample sizes (ie less than fifty). If you do a search of the forum you can find many threads where people report different figures as well as one very esoteric one where Andy described more or less what WP does count and why it’s so different: and remember, doesn’t count unique visitors, whereas most other search functions do.

    This is the best info I could find:


    Eh, rain under the bridge. The magnification in small sample sizes occurred to me as I was reheating some spaghetti (after my post, of course – I blame it on hunger). If the powers that be knew I made a rookie mistake like that, I would be the one crucified. Still, 69% is awfully high.

    Thanks for the link.

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