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  1. Hi,

    When you look at the world map in your site stats you can see which countries people have visited from by rollover. However, if you rollover the countries not highlighted, it does not tell you what they are - is this something that will be rectified or does anyone know if there is a way of highlighting them?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. If the countries are not highlighted then there were no visitors from them.

  3. Hi timethief - I realise that there are no visitors from those countries, what I'm interested to know is what the country names are without having to refer back to a map of the world each time!

  4. The country names will not appear unless visitors form that country have visited your blog.

  5. In my case I think that's a shame as it would be interesting to know what those countries are rather than highlighting a block without the relevant information. As you can see I have a vested interest on this blog subject I'm doing:

    I wonder if WordPress will update it to show country name whether you have a visitor or not?

  6. The views by country map cannot provide what it's not coded to provide. It's coded to provide views by country. I have flagged this thread so it will be moved to the Ideas Forum. That's where suggestions for improvements to existing features or for introduction of new features are made.

  7. I suppose that was what I was initially trying to understand - thanks.

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