Site still not verified with Google (it's been a month).

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    Hi. I’ve done everything correctly to get my site verified with Google, but when I first log in there, I’m still confronted at the first with a page which tells me that I don’t have access to my site, and that I need either to ask a site owner to add me as a user or to verify my site. I’m not using as my e-mail service that I sign into Google with, but I’m doubtful that that’s the problem. On my user page on, my user name for WordPress is listed, and across from it is my e-mail address, under the heading “e-mail address.” This is the same e-mail address I sign into Google with. Is this the problem? Do I also need to add my email address or a part of it to the user list on separately in order to get acknowledged by Google, or is this not the problem? I’ve waited for Google to say that my site is verified, because someone here told me that it took them a few days, and I’ve written on Google’s support forum, but they just keep telling me to click verify and that it should work. If I’m not the owner of my site, who is? Is technically the owner of my site, or something? I know one thing: Google’s search engine covered my site a lot better before I ever started trying to do SEO or verify my account with them: it was just on there naturally, so to speak. The Bing verification procedure was a snap compared to the Google one. Can anyone help with these questions? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    If you are referring to then
    Yyour blog is indexed by Google (99 results).
    Your blog is not indexed by Bing.

    The webmaster tools process is the one we must use for verifying ownership of free hosted blogs >


    I’m not sure what “indexed” means, exactly, but I filled in the Bing content value just as I had the Google, and whereas Google still tells me that my site is unverified, Bing accepted the content value I put in immediately. It only took about 5 minutes to do. I know that I don’t really show up much on Bing when I fill in my URL there; in fact, all that shows is a few forum topics. But on the Bing site, the last time I looked, they acknowledged me as verified. What I’m trying to tell you about Google in my own words is that before I tried the verifying process, I appeared on the first page of links, and just about every link mentioned one of my posts, though there was also a place for forum topics. But now that I have done the Google process for verifying (which they still refuse to acknowledge, and I know I did it just as you told me, correctly), I turn up less obviously on the front page of links when I fill in my URL. Please understand that I am not arguing with you about the process. I know it’s the one I have to follow and I did. I just don’t understand why Google won’t tell me I’m verified. I haven’t proceeded with any further steps of SEO because I figure if I’m having this much trouble with the first step, I’d just better wait. Thanks if you can shed any further light on these issues.



    Google will index a site without you needing to do anything – part of the verification is to let you into your Google account so you can see metrics of a site – search terms, most popular pages, errors etc. The verification is for you to prove to Google that it is your account and you have access to it – otherwise Google will not let you see the fancy stats on the site


    So, can you think of a reason (please see my two posts on the topic, just above) why Google still won’t verify my site? I can’t think of anything I haven’t done just as requested by



    Google Webmaster Tools’ verification code is present on your blog:
    <meta name="google-site-verification" content="-OXi1Sdv7ZSIHiuAgV0k1Xfx8-WW9vsJi5I9Yr67a7E" />

    Have you double checked to ensure that the verification code you entered matches the code provided by Google?


    The part of the verification code which WordPress asks for is the content value of the code. You yourself have just confirmed the code on my site in your message. It is identical, yes, to what Google gave me. Of course, Google wants more than just the “content value” insisted on by WordPress (in the WordPress instructions, you ask for only the content value and call it the “bolded” part of the code). Google gives the <meta name=”google-site-verification” content=” part and the ” /> at the end as well, which is not bolded. That I have followed the directions accurately is proven by the fact that the times when I have copied the entire code from <meta name to /> from Google and applied it to WordPress, the only part of the code which WordPress verifies to Google is JUST THE CONTENT VALUE asked for by WordPress (i.e., there is a red line of print at the very top of the Google verification page where you can click and see exactly what code or part of code was applied to your WordPress account and which was reported back to Google). Therefore, I have copied the part of the code WordPress asks for, the content value only, and that it is correctly reported and should be verified is proven by the fact that you can also see it correctly reported on my blog. I know this is a repetitive answer, but as you can see, I tried various things even though I ended by following your directions exactly, because I can’t get the verification from Google, and so far, they have not communicated on their forum to give me a reason why. Thanks for being patient. If this is really griping your guts as it is mine, then just forget about it. It should work by your instructions, Google won’t accept it; I don’t know why.



    Hey there,

    In this case, I’d recommend pursuing your problem via Google’s Webmaster Help Forum as this seems to be related to something on the Google end of things.

    As Google’s verification code is properly in place, I’m afraid there’s nothing more we can do on our end of things to expedite the process.



    Thanks for the sympathy. Once, when Google responded to my request on the help forum right away, I thought that it too was going to be as good and responsible a forum as’s. Sadly, that’s not the case: they just keep telling me the most inane things about what to do, things that I’ve checked and checked already. When I respond, I don’t hear from them any more, and I don’t mean I don’t hear a follow-up on my e-mail end, I mean they don’t continue the discussion in the forum, but just leave it hanging. Thanks too for verifying that things are copacetic on this end. Now I know that it’s something to do with Google. You folks have been great.

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