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Site Sucker and error message

  1. Hi -- I have successfully used Site Sucker to archive my files (I think). The only problem is this pesky error message:

    Aug 1, 2012 12:07:25 PM

    ERROR: Download of "",
    referenced from "",
    failed with error code -1100 (File does not exist.)

    Aug 1, 2012 12:07:44 PM

    When I access the files locally, everything seems to be in order but I cannot see how to "fix" the error from SiteSucker.

    Can anyone suggest a solution?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You might be interested in some other issues (inconclusive) with Site Sucker:

  3. I did see these posts when I was searching for information about Sitesucker but thanks for pointing it out. It didn't seem relevant to my problem though.

  4. Assuming that you've already got the image files since you uploaded them, why not just export your site as an XML file?

  5. Right, it was just something I remembered seeing recently. I'd never heard of Site Sucker before.

    You could try typing " site sucker " into the google search bar to see what other users have to say about Site Sucker.

    Using this in the google search bar is not expecially useful:
    "site sucker"

    Sorry I have no other advice than to contact Site Sucker itself.

  6. Hi -- I followed your suggestion about exporting the site as an xml file but when I try to open that file in a browser, I just get a page of code. I am not someone proficient with markup language (you probably guessed as much) - is this how xml files are supposed to look upon opening?

    My goal is to have a user select ONE file that opens everything locally, which I have done successfully using site sucker, with the exception of the error message previously.

  7. If you export a blog, then to read it you need to import it into I suspect other programs use the XML format, but have no experience: the export file is not something you can use as is.

  8. @deanna OK-I guess I misunderstood your intention. In your original post you mentioned that you want to archive your site, which is what the XML file is. Good for backup in case of mishaps and misunderstandings with wild-eyed co-Admins, transfers to self-hosted sites or transferring to a different address, but that's about it.

  9. I understand your comment. I need to create an archive of my website as a graduation requirement. I may have elected to begin in and had my university host the site, if I had thought it through.

    I have put in a question to SiteSucker. Perhaps someone there can help.


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