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    Hi WordPress support team,

    This morning I tried logging in my another account[username: neerciist] and was shocked to find out that the site got suspended. is the domain that I hosted in that account. Yeah, I accept it I was running some paid posts in it. Well, I’ve lost all my hard written articles due to this suspension. Can u Please help me recover all those articles and I would move to another host. Just re-activate my account so that I can move on to blogger from wordpress. Please help me. With due regards,



    To contact us about a suspended blog, please send us an email from the link provided in your dashboard that says “click here to contact us as soon as possible”.
    You can log into your dashboard from here:



    Thanks for the reply naokomc,

    But the problem is that I am unable to log into my account itself. As soon as I enter the username and pwd, I got the error msg “site suspended”. Looking forward to ur response.



    If you’re going to run a commercial blog, I’d recommend you use wordpress.ORG software to avoid any issues, not .COM.I wouldn’t use blogspot either, thats good for beginners, but not too powerful. But thats personal preference.

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