Site Title & Tagline Missing from Facebook Status Update Thumbnail

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    When I paste “” into a Facebook Status Update, my Blog picture/Icon displays properly, but the Site Title and Tagline are missing from the thumbnail.

    It should say:
    Stories _ Davey Houle”

    Instead it says:
    “(no title)
    with no tagline.

    I am using the Blogum free template, and both the Site Title and Tagline are filled in in Settings > General.

    Any suggestions how to fix this?

    Thanks much!

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry but I don’t know how to help with this so I’m flagging the thread for Staff attention.



    thanks, timethief!


    @daveyhoule: I just tested this on my Facebook account and the site title and tagline appeared for my blog, but I’m seeing the same result when trying to post your blog URL in my Facebook news feed.

    Can you try changing the Tagline to something else without that underscore and let me know if that fixes things?




    Hi. I changed both the Site Title (to “Xxxxxx”) and the Tagline (to “Zzzzzz”) – no underscores – and I still get the same problem.





    Not sure if it matters, but when I set up this site I think I initially left the Site Title and Tagline blank. Later, as I was editing the site, I went into Settings and added them (sorry – I’m new at this!). I’m not 100% sure it happened this way, but pretty sure.

    Don’t know if that has any bearing, but I thought I’d put it out there . . .

    – Davey


    Hi Davey,

    Ah, that probably explains it!

    Facebook has some sort of crazy caching that we can’t control. Now, that you’re trying to share again with a different Site Title and Tagline, it’s just digging into its cache for the same description.

    I know this sounds weird, but can you ask a friend—who has never shared one of your posts before—to share a post? This will kick Facebook’s cache back in gear.

    The only other known alternative is to wait for it to clear out on its own in about a week.



    Bookmarked! :)




    You mean to have a friend who has never shared a post from to hit the Facebook button beneath one of my posts on and share it on Facebook, right?

    If so, we tried that, and the thumbnail of that *particular post* itself that they shared seemed to work fine (i.e., the title of the post and the site name beneath it and the content of the post displayed properly) . . .

    . . . but when I then tried again to paste “” in a new Status Update I still get the original old-cached thumbnail:
    “(no title)
    with no tagline.

    Did I mix something up, or is there something else I might be able to do?

    Thanks again for working with me on this!




    Forget my previous post – I’ve got it fixed!

    Thanks for the tip about the Facebook cache. I did a Google search and found this link:

    I used Method 3 – “Facebook has a tool called Debugger (formerly known as URL Linter)” and that totally updated the cache, and it works and displays properly now!!!


    P.S. Thanks for the bookmark, @timethief!


    @daveyhoule: Awesome, nice find! I’m glad to hear that the Facebook Debugger was able to fix things for you, and I’ll definitely bookmark that as well. :-)

    Have a great weekend!

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