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"#site-title:after" works in one blog not the other - both Pilcrow theme

  1. I added some css so that I can show my tagline after my site-title in my two blogs, both with the theme Pilcrow. It works in one blog, but not the other:

    #site-title:after {
    content:"Reasons Why I Believe in God";

    Works in: ( with domain name)


    #site-title:after {
    content:"About my parrots, my dogs and my rants";

    does not work in

    I can't figure out why.

    I would appreciate some advice.

    Thank you!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. It does work on both sites however the :after bit will not work in all browsers. I imagine you were viewing the latter in IE. Try testing both sites in internet explorer compared to in firefox, opera or chrome. Only the "good" browsers will display your tagline this way.

  3. Hallluke,

    I just checked my blogs in IE8, Chrome and Firefox. The tagline shows up everyplace except on one of my blogs in IE8. I find it odd that it would work in one blog with IE and not the other.

    Thank you very much for the helpful advice!


  4. Hmm you're right, that is a puzzle, but I don't have access to a windows machine so I can't look in to it any further I'm afraid, sorry.

  5. Hallluke, No need to be sorry. I appreciate the info you gave me. That was a big help. The main thing was wondering if there was something I could do to fix it. You answered my question. Thank you! X

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