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Site title/header font with Typekit

  1. Hello! I am using Typekit with the Beuno theme and have used the selectors #header h1. site-title. and h1 but it has not changed anything. Please help! This is for the blog name/title at

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. See if this helpful article by Panos can help :-)

  3. This was the page I used to obtain my codings - as stated on that page .site-title should change the header font = but it hasn't :(

  4. Then you've missed some other step. In your blog dashboard, is Appearance > Typekit Fonts displaying your Typekit ID? In the Typekit editor, can you see the selector for the title above, below or next to the selector for the font? Have you clicked Publish?

  5. re- panaghiotisadam The other font I am using is active on the site on the post titles and the correct typekit code is in my wordpress account. And yes the correct selector is connected with the font I want and I have clicked publish several time and it has had no just hasn't changed!

  6. For the benefit of others I would like to let everyone know that the typekit selector for the blog title in Beuno is #header h1 thank you so much to the Typekit team for getting back in touch with me so swiftly to let me know!

  7. Thanks for posting this. But for the benefit of others I must clarify that both ".site-title" and "#header h1" are valid.

    PS Did you try the alternative they gave you? Your blog title is still in Impact.

  8. In the end I decided I wanted to use the "Heavy Data" font and "#header h1" did not work on this font but ".site-title" did. So if you include both with any fonts you are using then one of them will work yes!

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