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    Hello. My original site, Doon Po sa Amin (DPSA) , has been getting views anywhere from 4,000 to 8,000 a month already. But in July, 2013, i published a post in this site ( telling the readers how much views are generated into the sites from search engine searches. Starting August 2013, the DPSA site generated only 10 to 20 views a day, a far cry from the previous when it used to generate anywhere from 120 to 300 per day (on Google searches alone).

    Could my sites have been tampered with? Or, has it been reported to be in violation of any of your policies (thus, veering away or redirecting traffic flows into the sites)? I am not really after huge traffic but the Stat figure of 10 to 20 searches generated a day is rather drastic compared to before when it used to generate a couple of hundreds in a day.

    Thank you very much. Would really appreciate it if somebody could explain what possibly happened and how I could make the necessary adjustment/s or changes to restore the usual and regular traffic flows in the sites.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,
    I’ll tag this thread for Staff to examine what’s going on. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.



    Hi there,

    The two sites you mentioned ( and ) aren’t connected to the same account, so in that sense they are completely separate. I can also assure you that your site hasn’t been reported to violate any of our Terms of Service, so that would not account for any of your changes in traffic.

    If you have questions or concerns about the site I’d be happy to answer them, but I’ll need you to contact us with the username that owns the site to confirm that you own it, too. You can reply to this forum thread from that username if you’d like, and then I can tell your more about that site. :)

    However, you did mention that a lot of your previous traffic came from Google. It’s possible that a change in how your site is ranked in Google searches has affected your site’s referrals from Google. can’t control how search engines like Google rank your site, but you can set up webmaster tools with those search engines to get more information from them. We have a guide for setting those up here: Webmaster Tools

    Please let me know if I can provide any further help!



    Thank you, Ms. timethief, for your prompt action. Much appreciated.

    Thanks you, Ms. rachelmcr, for response and the updates. Thanks also for the additional info about sasaliwngawit (SSA) and Google’s referral sytem.

    Would really love to hear about the Doon Po sa Amin (DPSA) futher info that you promised. Many thanks.



    Sure thing! I can confirm that your site at also hasn’t been reported to violate any of our Terms of Service, so again, that wouldn’t account from any changes in the traffic to this site, either. There isn’t any evidence of anyone else accessing or making changes to this site, either.

    As you mentioned, most of the traffic on this site this year came from Google searches. I noticed that your traffic dipped in April/May and again in August, so it’s possible that these are natural fluctuations based on the popularity of different posts you’ve made. It’s also possible, though, that Google has changed how this site is ranked, so you may want to follow up with Google to find out more about that.

    Please let me know if I can provide any further help! :)


    Thank you again, Ms. rachel. Glad to know that http://may11apr1940.wordpress has not been reported for violation of any of the company’s policies and that no one has been accessing the site either.

    April and May are school vacation months in the PhiIippines, thus the dip for the period. Btw, DPSA as a site, is really formatted to aid young students looking for basic information about the countryside, rural ways and bits about agriculture. Roughly translated, DPSA means Where I Come From… It is entirely different from this site, SSA, that deals with city ways and sights and sounds in the city. DPSA then is really designed to be an informative site, the posts there are richer i content. Or so, I hope.

    I would like to explore the possibility of the site’s change in Google’s ranking that you mentioned. Will try to set up the webmaster tool that you referred in the next two days. Should I come across troubles or difficulties in exploring this option, may I count on the further help that you offered… Again, thanks for the checks you did and for all the info you shared. Kind regards.



    Hello, again, Ms. rachel.

    May I ask how do I go about getting in touch with Google – what office or department need I contact, the proper way to reach and approach the staff and/or officers concerned and the details of making a procedural query about the site’s ranking and the possible explanation for the drastic change in viewership via Google search.

    Does Google normally entertain questions of this nature or do they automatically lower a site’s rank without informing the owner of the site… Are circumstances like these deemed regular and usual. do they consider the viewpoint of the site owners and consider their explanation in cases when unpopular (or complained) articles are posted… Will appreciate your responses. Again, many thanks.



    Hi there,

    You can get quite a bit of information about your site’s ranking from Google’s webmaster tools, so I recommend starting with that. Again, we have instructions for setting them up here: Webmaster Tools

    If you need further help from Google, you may want to check their help site here:

    You can read specifically about site ranking and webmaster tools here:

    I hope this information helps! Please let me know if I can help with anything further here at :)

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