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    I recently updated my website (last). I added an extra logo on the footer using the widget and increased the size of the one that was already there. These changes were implemented, I checked. When I load the website today, Those changes are no longer there. The one logo I increases in size is still big but the logo I added is no longer there. Is it possible that the site may have been hacked?

    Also, today I made changes to a paragraph on the site but as soon as I click “Update”, it reverts back to the unchanged version. What could be causing this?



    Hi there,

    We’d be happy to help, but we require one vital piece of information. What is the URL of your website?

    Bare in mind that if your websites uses the self-hosted version of WordPress rather than, you should post in the self-hosted forums or alternatively contact your hosting prover. Note the difference here:

    Let us know this information and we’ll try and move forward. :)

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