Site Views Graph is wonky (I think)

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    Hallo one again :-) lol

    No biggy here, and please, as usual, thanks for any help.
    The graph at the top of my WordPress telling me how many Visits I am getting per hour, is sitting at 181 per hour for the last 48 hours.
    But the Graph is flat, with one BIG spike in the middle and has been like this for a day now, and had not changed. And I have done two blogs during this time, with a bit of feedback.
    Here it is here:
    Site Stats Graph per 48 hours

    Any reason it would do this?
    When I click into it, it is not showing these amount of hits.

    Any help would be superb as usual

    Kindest Regards

    The blog I need help with is


    Well I don’t know if anyone did anything. But its back to normal
    Ghost in the machine I guess




    Our stats are not real time stats. They take hours to update.

    P.S. There is no need for you to respond. I posted this so when the next person uses search and finds this thread in the searchbox they will know what I posted.

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