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    I need help! I have been trying all day to create a sitemap for my blog but i have no idea how to do it as this is my first ever blog, i even tried reading the instructions but still got nowhere. Can anyone maybe expain it simpler or dumb it down a bit :)

    The blog I need help with is



    A few themes have a sitemap as a built-in Page template, but do not think that iTheme2 is one of them. If you want a separate sitemap page you would have to build it and update the links manually.

    If you are referring to sitemaps as far as Google Webmaster tools go, every site has an XML sitemap. See here:

    For explanations of both, see here:

    However, before you get too far along you might want to check with Staff to make sure your site is in compliance with the Terms of Service.

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