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    We want to create a page with just a long list of text links to the various posts, so new visitors can easily get to old posts (now near 40). I can’t find a way to make a page just be a table of contents like I can make it be a contact page. Is there a simple way built into WordPress?

    I did find an old thread about using Google to do it, which doesn’t seem like it will work because Google wants to verify the site by seeing custom code in the Header HTML of the page, or on the root folder of the domain- neither of which I can do with a WordPress blog.

    So how can I create a page that is just a long list of text links without the body text/photos/video that are being used on the blog itself?

    The blog I need help with is


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    Please provide a link to your blog whenever you ask a question here, starting with http://
    or link your name to your blog, as described second on this list:

    Found this info in support:



    I think you need to be more specific,
    some themes allow you to crete menus i don’t see why a sitemap as you call it could not be on one of those BUT your them mught not support that.
    alternatively you can also assign a specific page as a landing page

    if you are asking how to automote the addition of new pages to a sitemap i think you are asking too much

    if you want a sitemap for google purposes then my understanding is that wordpress hosted sites already have that done for us



    them mught …. blimey i cna’t type THEME MIGHT lol


    Some themes have “archives” page templates that will do what you want. See this blog post:

    The other way to do it is to create it yourself manually and update it after you make new posts. For an example of this, see the “all posts” page at .

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