“SiteMeter” – It was only a matter of time I guess!

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    With the current and sneaky little going ons over at SiteMeter, is StatCounter pretty much the best to use for any or all stats on one’s WP blog?

    I did a search first in these forums, and did not see anyone mentioning it, so here is a link about what SiteMeter is now doing.



    Hmmm. I wonder if that has anything to do with them being down over the weekend? I put statcounter on one of my sites, and i think i may switch the others after hearing this.



    Yes Mark, I do know that those links are there and with some info on their services.

    Just wondering if WP members have used anything that appeals to them lately, since things sometimes change at a rapid pace and suddenly some of those FAQ “may” become outdated.

    Anyway, … thanks!



    Which little sneaky going-ons are we talking about? This is the first I’ve heard about any issue.


    The link up in the original posts has some info there, with more links and info within.



    Oh, sorry about that. Just getting going today.

    Gotta admit that a quick read makes it look like a lot of hoopla unless we see specifics. For example, they don’t really go into the cookies being delivered. Nine of them really ins’t all that much either.



    I will admit, that I don’t really know that much about how those things work.
    Still, I try to stay away from anything (as much as I can anyway) that farms out “any” information on my system or on me!
    (If all of this is true of course.)

    Oh well, … think I would like a change anyway!


    Thanks for that link TT.
    Yep, … I will be changing over to something else for stats!!



    Someone care to post the cookies being loaded? I’m on one of my locked down terminals today and can’t go in to check.



    I can’t find specific information on the cookies as yet but I will forward them to you if and when I do.



    It’s a free service, so I simply assumed that sort of thing went with the territory. If this is new it means I’ve been unfairly assuming they were spies all along. So, we have confirmation that the other sites don’t do that?


    No clue if the other sites do it or not, but if one does it for sure, then I will use something else.

    One thing I have noticed, is that I have deleted SiteMeter from the links in my WP blog.
    Then why and how does it reappear sometimes in my sidebar?

    Did not think to delete all or anything associated with SiteMeter out of my cookies.
    Possibly that is it?

    Hell, … I don’t know, … I’m no computer whiz kid like some of you guys!! : )



    Try clearing your browser cache. Not every page displayed is fresh. The browsers will only pull new data if they think there is new data to be had.


    Forgot all about the cache, … and that did the trick!
    Thanks Mike!!



    StatCounter specifically states that they do not pass any info along to anyone else. Don’t know about the others.



    I have been watching the discussion here and I think what I’m getting from it is that only visitors to those blogs with the javascript version of sitemeter are affected by the 3rd pary cookies. If that’s the case then none of wordpress.com blogs would be affected by this 3rd party cookie thing at all. However, I could be reading it wrongly so I’m bumping this to drmike for confirmation http://conservablogs.com/EricOdom/2007/03/26/did-sitemeter-sell-out-to-spyware/



    StatCounter specifically states that they do not pass any info along to anyone else.

    So did TJMax and we all know how that went.



    The Sitemeter Team entry in the comments says:

    1 – If you replace your current Java code with the standard HTML Sitemeter code the cookie will no longer be issued.

    What do you make of that? Given that we only have the html version at wordpress.com, would pulling the little beggars off my blogs be over reacting?

    P.S. Off topic: Mornings without coffee suck.

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