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    Is the 25MB size limit the limit for the entire blog, or for each individual post (sorry if that’s a stupid question).

    Will linking an image (from Flickr or Photobucket) take up less space than uploading an image?

    Does the 25 MB size limit include text?



    Linking an image will take no space.

    And it’s total space :)

    Text takes up very little space – images take lots compared:


    thanks – – when I transfered my old blogger stuff, does it use up some of my 25 MB total space, or is it all a link that takes up no space?

    Similar/related question: If I delete my old Blogger account, will the information also disappear from my WordPress account? I’d hate to lose those photos . . .



    Thanks by the way for referencing Natalie Dee. She seems to get her stuff used a lot without credit. :)

    Dude, how many posts do you have on your home page? Trying to give Podz a heart attack? :)

    Anyway, you might lose your pictures if you delete your blog over at Blogger. I would just leave it up. You might want to set a schedule on moving them over, say 5 or so a day. It’s not always a good idea to be trusting another site with your info as you can never know when it might go down.

    I would leave the old blog up and maybe stick in a few “Hey, I’ve moved” posts to ctahc anyone reading it. Plus it will give you addition inbound links for teh search engines.

    Hope this helps,


    hahahah I had 32 posts so I could have a month’s worth on the front page, but realized that was stupid. I just brought it down to 15.

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