size of photos is the same in pixels but one is bigger than the other on the pag

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    It’s on the opportunity page. There are 2 thumbnails at the bottom-I have them both sized at 93 x 121 pixels, and in the visual editing page, they look identical in size, but when previewing the site live, one is bigger than the other?

    The blog I need help with is


    And, although I have sized them to be identical (I want them at least the same exact height), when I go to “inspect element”, their sizes are 125h and 140h respectively. What’s going on? Clearly I am not resizing them in the right place.


    And, of course, when resizing they need to scale correctly


    And why in the “advanced image settings” box does it allow you to resize it by changing pixels, but the corresponding pixels don’t change, so your photo is warped?



    What is the thumbnail size set here ? > Settings > Media


    150×150. But I haven’t been setting them as specifically thumbnails, just sizing them myself…



    Will you please post both image URLs here for us to examine?


    Thank you for your help!



    The first image is huge
    2,125px × 2,772px (scaled to 421px × 550px)
    The second image is also oversized
    1,292px × 1,507px (scaled to 471px × 550px)
    Note the width variation.

    I suggest you delete them and start again by sizing the images to the exact size your want them to be offline before uploading them into your blog. Preparing and resizing your images offline there will be no loss of image quality, you will also not be wasting your space for media and you won’t experience any problems so you won’t end up troubleshooting images.


    Well, it worked….but I don’t know why. I always do prepare my images offline before uploading-those I may have resized a bit online….but when I opened the originals in photoshop on my computer, they were small already. Can’t figure it out. But redoing the whole thing seems to have done the trick. Thank you!

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