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size of the font in widget

  1. Hello,

    is it possible to change the size/colour of font in my widgets using CSS?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, if you have the Custom Design upgrade. You can change the font in the BODY of the widget even without the upgrade, but you can't change the font in the title without it.

  3. Thank you. I would like to change both and I do have CD upgrade. How do I proceed? :)

  4. I know nothing about CSS, but I suggest you start by going to the CSS forum and searching through there on the tag for your theme. Someone has almost certainly requested the code before now. If you don't find it, start a new thread in the CSS forum stating what your theme is and exactly the change you want to make.

  5. Thank you. i will do that. However you said I can change the size in the body of the widget without the upgrade. I would be very grateful if you could steer me through this :)

  6. Why? you have the upgrade and the upgrade will make ALL changes to widgets in line with your CSS edits.

  7. ok. thanks :)

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