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Size of the Post Box

  1. sanctifiedbrother

    Is this a feature in I use it in my self-hosted blogs and wanted to use it here. It's not an option in my Writing settings.

    Please advise, thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It used to be here that we could change it > Settings > Writing
    However, that settings is now gone.

  3. sanctifiedbrother

    Yes, I checked it several times, logging out and back in again, even testing it on others' accounts. Thank you.

  4. You can now increase the size of the post box by clicking and dragging the bottom-right corner of the editor field.

  5. sanctifiedbrother

    Thanks, yes, I've been doing that. I was hoping for a one-time solution—"set it and forget it", if you will. I hope this little feature finds its way back. It's a life saver (time-saver, too!)

  6. I was also looking for set and forget. Luckily mine appear to have been set long ago and whenever this was changed what I previously set has been respected.

  7. sanctifiedbrother

    Aah, fortunate! I avoided .com for years, opting for .org. Perhaps I should have opened a dummy account… I still prefer the freedom of .org. I'll hang on to my .com just in case something new comes down the line that I can take advantage of.

  8. I had my personal blog on an install for a couple of years and moved it back.

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