Size, Space, and Storage

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    I am wondering how many images/posts fit on the free wordpress blog. I am just curious as
    as to how long it will take to run out of space and what to do then?



    From the FAQ at the top of these forums:

    How much space do we have for pictures?

    The limit is currently at 25 megs.

    The posts are pretty much unlimited. (They’re stored on a seperate database server.)

    You can also store pictures in many of the free image hosts there on on the net. I’ll let someone explain those because I don’t use them myself.



    I have the same question too about this topic (and want to ask about it since i started my blog)

    quoted from WordPress / Automattic ToS

    Automattic may from time to time set storage limits for your blog, or take any other measures Automattic considers appropriate to manage the Website. Automattic will advise you of any such change, and may do so in any reasonable manner, such as posting a change on the dashboard you see when you log in to your account or via the “ News” blog accessible at If you exceed the storage limits, Automattic may require you to reduce the storage you are using or pay additional fees.

    It says that Automattic may require you to reduce the storage limit if you exceed the storage / pay an additional fees. And my question is :

    What is the limits of posts you can create ? (i’ve read in several forum topics about this and the answers always unlimited). But Automattic terms says no (in the other way)

    And sorry for my bad english :)



    If you reach your space limit, then the system won’t allow you to upload any more files to your space.

    Staff has stated a few times that one of the paid options that they are planning is additional space. So, if you want more space for your files, than you either have to pay for the additional space when it becomes available, host the files offsite, or delete some of your old files.

    Note that I say files to mean pictures as well as things like *.pdf’s, *.doc’s and the like that you can upload here.

    Posts (as well as bandwidth since I’m thinking about it) are unlimited. They have stated that from nearly day 1. They are stored on another box anyway so the file limit wouldn’t apply to Posts. I’d go digging for Matt’s post on the subject but I’m 98 tickets behind this afternoon with my hosting.

    Hope this helps,



    thanks for your answer drmike, but i think if its a webspace / personal space i dont have to worry about that since i use other public file sharing service or image hosting service to upload my files (not including free webhosting) :P

    im just curious about this statement from Automattic / WordPress terms of service since it didnt tell you which part of the / automattic service that rules applies to.

    If you exceed the storage limits, Automattic may require you to reduce the storage you are using or pay additional fees


    Is something wrong with wordpress today or have I reached some kind of space limit? It isn’t saving my posts or my links today.



    Images and filespace is 50mb.

    Posts, pages and comments are not limited.

    If you hit a limit it will say space is full. We will then normally take a look at the filesizes of uploaded images. There are people who will upload images directly from their digital cameras and wonder why their space is full. Optimising images is always a good thing and I will advise that images are downloaded, deleted from the server, optimised and uploaded again.

    There is not currently a way to increase space. There are many offsite storage spaces who will allow you to link from your blog.


    threefates – space would not affect that. Send a feedback.



    There’s a glitch of some kind; other threads have mentioned it. Use the Feedback button to tell staff exactly what error happens for you, because it seems there are different ones.


    I use Photobucket for my images. I think they do a great job and they’re fast loading images on to your blog.

    Hope that helps. All, and by the way, it’s free. :)



    There’s a space counter over in the WPMU forums that a number of the folks over there worked on. (Including me!) I believe it’s downloadable from or I can send in the version that we use over at Maybe something like that could be added in to determine space used.

    Or would the multiple servers being used throw that off?



    I would totally be willing to pay for more storage space. I’ve got some people I’ve been helping with their blog, and they’re not tech-savvy enough to get the concept of hosting pics elsewhere, so posting pics directly to WP would be the only way to do it.



    One of the reasons why we promote the available space here at :)

    I would like to see the ability to have extra space as well.



    Where/how do we *see* how much storage we’ve already used?

    Is there a widget or code or something I must enter, or is it just displayed? I’m sure I must be overlooking it somewhere, but I’ve done several searches in the forum and cannot uncover where to see it, only references about how much we have, how to purchase more etc.

    I did check Blogstats but don’t see it there — or it’s just too early in my day.




    As you’re writing a post, scroll down to the upload tab below the editor. You should see a message there saying how much space you’ve used.

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