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    I’ve set some featured images on several of my posts, but would like to size them to fit the grid for that post on the home page. One of the images that I’ve uploaded so far isn’t as wide as the formatted grid, another one isn’t as tall, etc. Is there a way to manipulate the size of either the picture or the grid so that it fits snugly?


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    Your blog is private and helping you will be hindered by that. Staff can view your blog but we Volunteers cannot. Does this help?

    AutoFocus’ prominent single post featured images, which when set manually are placed front and center, above your post’s title and content. The maximum width of single post featured images is 800.

    AutoFocus responds to not only single image posts but also full galleries. If you would prefer to forego a large featured image above your post content and instead showcase an entire set of photos then simply insert a gallery into your post without manually setting a featured image.

    Main page and archive pages on Autofocus don’t rely on featured images. Featured images have to be set manually to each post. Each post on the main page and on category/archive pages will display a regularly inserted image (provided the image had been uploaded via the Add Media button of that post). The only difference is when you view a single complete post: regular image shows below the post title, max width 590px, featured image shows above the post title, max width 800px.



    If what I posted above is not helpful then please contact Staff directly as they can view the blog.

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