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    I’ve embedded my google calendar using the automatic feature wordpress launched a couple of months ago on a page here: and it looks pretty good, except it is only half the width of the page’s body and I cannot seem to adjust it wider.

    If I play with the html, I can make it taller (as can be seen by scrolling down to the second time I posted the calendar) but not wider. Anyone have any idea what I’m missing?

    I am using the mystic theme with two sidebars on the front page, but no sidebars on the page I’m working with.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me,
    Virginia Diaz
    YHS PTA Website Committee

    The blog I need help with is


    In the html code, do not set the height. Remove it to start. It could be proportional, although unlikely, but give this a shot. Now, add the width=”100%” to set it to the entire width of the column.

    Adjust height as you like, but I would use a percentage versus fixed number.




    Thanks HTH, that worked perfectly!



    I really like this calendar feature idea for posting events, but I think perhaps I am using it incorrectly.

    It shows up in my side bar as stated, but it doesn’t actually show any events. I can click to change the month, and I can click on the month tab to open a second view of the same month. However, neither view shows the events that are posted to the google calendar itself. Is it meant to just be a link to an outside page, wherein you click the google tag at the bottom and are taken to the google site?

    Here is my page so you can see how it looks there:

    If it is possible to make it show the events, or at least an indication that there is an event on a given date, on the widget itself, that would be fabulous.

    Thank you kindly,

    ps. its not quite the exact same topic, I know, but it seems the closest one I’ve seen that I can add a question to :)




    Have you set your calendar as public and unchecked to box that says “Share only my free/busy information (Hide details)”? When I look at your calendar, I can see that there is something on some of the dates, but when I click it, it just says that you are busy, so I think that check box might be your issue.

    Virginia Diaz



    I’m trying to embed my google calendar, and it’s there. But when I log in the next day, it’s gone. How can I keep the calendar on here? It’s for work! Thanks!



    That’s sounds like a browser issue to me. The blog your refer to linked to your username is “private”. Is that the one in question? If it is and you have done some browser troubleshooting and even upgraded your browser if it’s not the most recent stable version here >
    and the issue still persists then please go directly to Staff for support >

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