Skepitcal "recommended" posts are the same as the ones on the home page

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    I’m loving the Skeptical format by WooThemes, but …

    Skeptical format has an attractive “featured posts” bar across the bottom of the screen to promote three posts. You indicate which posts go there using the “Sticky” attribute for posts.

    As far as I can tell, the Sticky attribute will always also put blog posts at the top of your home page. So there’s no way round it: the “Featured” posts are always going to be the three at the top of your home page, whether because of recency or because of the sticky attribute.

    I can see that there might be a point in this for individual posts and page, but on the home page it simply repeats what is already there.

    Is there a way of choosing featured posts without also sticking them to the top of the home page? I’ve tried to find an option that would stop sticky posts sticking to the top of the page, or even hide them from overall indices, but failed.

    It seems a way to arrange things, but perhaps this behaviour is easy to avoid if you have your own installation, and that’s why it’s in the template.

    (I did try to find info on WooThemes site, but you can only go to their fora with a subscription. Which is fair enough – they’re only trying to make a living out of great design, after all.)

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    This is the intended function of the theme. We can look into the possibility of not displaying posts at the top of the page if they also appear in the Featured Posts section. I can’t promise that we’ll make this change, but I will bring up the idea.

    In the meantime, as the number of posts you write increases, this functionality will be less apparent.


    Thanks for answering, and for offering to throw the idea into the mix.

    Sticking sticky posts to the top of the home page is expected WordPress behaviour: if featured posts could be chosen in some other way, eg a “featured” tag, then that would stop it from reproducing the list of posts on the home page.

    I guess that you mean the more posts I write the less time users will be off the home page?





    I guess that you mean the more posts I write the less time users will be off the home page?

    Hi Ian,

    I meant that if you’ve marked some posts as sticky (so they’re at the top of the page), and you also have a good amount of non-sticky posts, it won’t be as noticeable that the sticky posts appear again at the bottom of the page in the “Featured Posts” section.



    This is just bad design.

    I just spent two hours trying to figure out how to not make a Featured Post “sticky.” I have a few key posts that I’d like to highlight for a week or so, but NOT put them at the top of the blog. That would make the content seem static, which is definitely something most bloggers don’t want to do.

    Given this behavior, I’d like to turn off the Featured Post section because it wastes screen real estate. Of course, I don’t think there is a way to do this either (without purchasing the CSS upgrade).

    Other than this one glaring issue…which seems more like an oversight than a planned design feature…the Skeptical theme is outstanding.


    To temporarily highlight a few posts without putting them above the more recent ones, you can add links to them in the sidebar. Can be plain links, or more elaborate links plus excerpts if you use a text widget.



    I too wish the featured posts for the Skeptical theme were different from the Sticky posts. It essentially makes the Featured section useless as the same posts are already at the top whether or not you decide to sticky them or not. I like ianveganoption’s suggestion of having a “featured” checkbox in the same area as the “sticky” checkbox for those themes with the featured posts functionality.



    This is a poor design feature indeed. I have a lot of posts and I want to use a featured section to highlight posts that have ongoing value. However, I want visitors to my site to see the most recent post first.

    I know I can just use links, but it just makes the featured section pointless! Anyone know a similar style theme that has this functionality working as we would like it?

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