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Skeptical - Categories next to post

  1. I am new to this and am in the beginning stages of my blog. I jhave chosen the Skeptical theme. In this theme there is a block to the right of the post and in examples i see Categories and Author listed in the box. In my test log all i see is Leave a Comment. How do i get the Categories in the this box? I would also like tags, is this possible?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thanks for the helpful links. I looked at the pages and I am not sure what i am doing wrong. Both of my test posts have one or more categories and tags assigned. I dont know why there are not showing up in my theme. The theme description shows a black box next to each post with date, category, and comments. On my site i just see date and comments. Do i need to somehow enable the categories in this box?

  3. okay i cant explain this but all of a sudden the categories show in my blog.

    I still have another question, can i add tags to this display , i guess i would need to use CSS?


  4. I don't help with CSS editing and can't say for sure if adding Tags into a theme that's not designed to have them display where you want them to display can be done or not. I tagged this thread so it's moved to the CSS Forum where you can get a definitive answer.

  5. @swckjhnr - Hello, glad to hear that your categories are now displaying. Tags will only display when viewing single posts in Skeptical. Unfortunately, CSS will not be able to help you with this customization.

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