Skeptical format changes between Firefox and IE

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    I love the Skeptical theme, but someone using IE pointed out that the main page headings move up and to the right, and are therefore squashed up. This is not a problem with Firefox. The only way I can solve it is by deleting the tag line underneath the main website title.
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    Hi there,

    Can you let me know if your visitor is using IE8 or IE9? When I visit your site in Internet Explorer 8, the header appears correct.

    Additionally, if you would be able to get a screenshot of the error, that would be very helpful. Thanks!


    I fixed it (temporarily) by shortening the tagline, but am a bit concerned if the same thing will happen if I either extend the tagline or add one or two more main headings in the top menu
    The screen shot was done in my IE7 (how do I send it to you?)



    Hi Denzil,

    You can upload the screenshot to your Media Library and paste the image URL here. Thanks!


    Oh, that’s clever, and you can access that? I’ve done it.


    Hi again. On another topic, but related, as much as I love the Skeptical theme, I do have a suggestion. Would it be possible to change the color of the links, as they do not show up at all. Thanks ((http://www.blogfinch/



    Hi there,

    You may want to check out the Custom Design Upgrade. This allows you to customize your theme, change layout and colors, and more. However, this does require at least some basic experience with CSS and HTML.

    To learn more about the upgrade, see here:

    This page should come in handy, if you’d like to learn how to change link colors with CSS:

    Finally, you may want to try out our own CSS forum, here:

    Don’t hesitate to contact us again if you need anymore help.

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