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Skeptical - Move Pagination On Bottom

  1. Recently I've been trying to break up my longer content posts into seperate pages by using:
    <!-nextpage> and <!--more> tags in my post.

    I am also using the Skeptical theme which is a free theme and is awesome by the way, but the way it displays pagination links is right below the main header link of the post. I find this counter-intuitive because if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of a post that has been seperated, you then need to scroll all the way back to the top and press the next page number to load more content.

    Is this intentional? Can it be changed? Can there at least be an option to change it? Please with a cherry on top?! :D

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I just wanted to post an item on the Dusk update; Dusk to Dawn. Great template, but it features the same problem. When reading people arrive at the bottom, they are not informed that there's a follow-up page, and very few will notice the message on top of the post. It's a very inconvenient error, and me also hopes something will be done about it quickly!

  3. @sgreifwonder

    I just wanted to post an item on the Dusk update; Dusk to Dawn.

    This thread pertains only to the Skeptical theme. Please do not post stuff into it about other themes so we don't end up with confusion.

  4. @xandergc
    The "option" you seek does not exist. We cannot access the files underlying our themes and edit themes or templates on our free hosted blogs. Only Staff can as every blog here wearing the same theme is affected by every edit made to the underlying template. Themes Staff do monitor threads in this forum and will reply to your request when they can.

  5. So I should have written 'I have [censored] theme that features the same problem?'

    You can delete my reaction, I'll post my own queery.

  6. @timethief
    Thank you for your reply, I was aware of the nature of the themes and knew that one change affects everyone using the theme I guess I was just asking if they feel it should be changed because it just feels counter to wordpress design philosophy.

    Crossing my fingers for a staff reply soon. :D

  7. @xandergc

    It was an experiment but it caused an inconsistency between themes and it created confusion. We moved the page links at the bottom as other themes do.

  8. @iamtakashi - Thank you so much! Sometimes experiments don't pan out exactly how we like them to. I appreciate the change and I think others will too. Marking as solved. :D

  9. @xandergc

    You're welcome!

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