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  1. It will be wonderful if I can edit/create my skin.

  2. At the moment there is no option for user created or used edited themes to be used.
    This may appear in time.

  3. The range of WordPress plugins available for 2.0 is very tempting.

    When will we be able to include our own plugins? I certainly would not mind paying for services in future... :)

  4. There are security risks in any shared environment and is no different in that. There are probably additional risks if software shares any core files.
    As such, the likelihood of someone being allowed to install their own code is very low. However, selectable plugins should become available at some point.

  5. So, the way Blogger did it is a security risk?

  6. I concur... at least being able to install our own themes would be very, very cool.

    'tis the one reason i still like blogger

  7. We have been continually expanding the customizations people can do to their blogs, and will continue to do so. Remember, we're only a few months into this. :)

  8. So, the way Blogger did it is a security risk?

    No. It's a security risk for because wp themes execute raw php code. It is not a security risk for Blogger because they have special template tags which save/prevent end users from ever working directly with code.

    I don't think there would be any risk in allowing users to edit stylesheets, but I am willing to be corrected on this point.

  9. Can I post my own theme on my FTP and the blog would be powered by WordPress?

  10. Along with the plugin theme:

    One I feel should be available to every one is the "Contact Page" or the "In Touch" plugin.

    I suspect everyone, or nearly so, would use it considering the hazards involved in posting your Email addy on site for everyone to harvest.

    Even if the plugin weren't available, it could be included with all the current themes that .Com uses.

  11. How can I revert from a free WordPress service to the other service where I can host my blog somewhere else (to use my own theme) ?

  12. DrHaisook, you have to goto to download the software.

  13. I hope we could modify the templates!!

  14. What about a list of plugins we SHOULD be able to install so the team can look at them and see if they are dangerous? ;) here I go:
    - Automatic Reference (

    It's a really good one ;)

  15. I am really satisfied with what I am getting from now. It gives simplicity to blogging with the platform.

    I have heard of people have difficulties setting up their WordPress blogs, has made setup hassle-free in this case.

    Changing templates will means allowing access to the server/database. This indeed poses a security threat not just to the site but to all the blogs hosted on it.

    Then again, like what Matt has said, customisations have been expanding. I believe more themes and plugins will be installed for use in the near future.

    Hence, I believe the will be marvelous service but with abit of patience. :)

  16. It would be enough for most of us (I think) to have a customizable theme where we could change the header image, stylesheet and sidebar content. And there would be absolutely no security risks.

  17. How soon will customizable skins and templates be availabe? No offense, but I don't have the means of hosting my own site right now, and the templates just don't fit me...

  18. I suggest you send your request via your feedback function in your dasboard. It may get a faster response.

  19. I've got to admin that I think editing themes or being able to upload new ones would be an issue.

    1 - You have to deal with copyright concerning the new themes, even if they're GPLed.


    2 - They're trying to make this as easy as possible for everyone. Imagine what their support backlog would become if anyone would be able to edit their themes. It's to easy for "Joe Blow" to make a mistake.

  20. I know this is a really dumb question but ... how where do I install my own skin? I've downloaded the one I want and put it in wp-content/themes. But it (Pool) doesn't appear in my presentations as I was expecting. Is that because I'm being hosted by BlueHost and have to change the skin somewhere Bluehost and not there?

  21. 1 - You can't install your own skin here on a blog hosted at

    2 - On a blog hosted elsewhere, that a look at this page to see if that helps.


  22. Thanks Dr. Mike! It does help.

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