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Skin for Sandbox

  1. I just released a new skin for Sandbox-10. It's a simple 3 column fixed width semi-monochromatic skin.

    Its name is a bit odd... well, I'm not good at naming things.

    Check it out if want.

  2. this is nice, and definitely something needed. When I first started using CSS I was looking for something like this, but couldn't find it so I ended up customizing another theme. You have just done a lot of people a favor. And, its nice to know when other people aren't good at naming things, I have had pet turtles for 10 years now and still can't settle on a name.

  3. Thanks.

    Yeah, naming things is something kinda difficult for me. You see, one of my hobbies is to "compose" melodies in GarageBand, and all of the melodies I've created have odd names. I posted two of them in my personal blog, if you want to check them out. Don't laugh.

  4. That's very nice. Both dark and readable! Most dark themes are so hard on the eyes.

  5. Thank you, rain.

    Yes, there are some dark themes that are kinda hard to read, and after I stop reading the blog, I see the white outlines of the text... not nice.

  6. I've been working on another skin. This one has more warm colors.

    As soon as think is ready I'll publish the code for whoever wants to use it.

  7. Very nice skin, devblog. As rain said, easy on the eyes.

  8. yeah, reminds me of autumn, my favorite season

  9. Thanks, guys.

    Autumn? nice. I think I'll name it that.

  10. dev, you should get the code that Matt put into for the falling snow, and put some falling leaves on that skin on

    (Just kidding)

  11. It makes me think of Tuscany, Italy. Very nice design.

  12. It'd be fun to put some falling leaves and let them pile up till they cover your screen! :D

    Thanks, diamon. Honestly, I can't really take credit for the design because the skin is heavily inspired on a design I saw on CSS Zen Garden. I liked it and though of coding something similar for Sandbox.

  13. Ah...CSS Zen Garden. That place is pure beauty. dev, is it possible you could be inspired enough to create Sandbox versions of the whole Garden?

  14. Ah...I like the Zen Garden themes, there's one theme called Dark Rose, that makes me feel peaceful for some odd reason :)

  15. I could, bee, but I think I would have to contact every designer to ask permission to use their graphics in order to port their designs to Sandbox. On this one (Autumn) I'm not using any of the designer's graphics, plus it has a few twists of my own.

    Check the design out:

    One that I would like to port to Sandbox is this one:

  16. Do one of the nice, pretty, girly ones one day?

  17. the last design is scary, a girly one would be great, though I always hung around guys so I really shouldn't be unmoved by the last design.

  18. I like the second one.

  19. I like them all, though maybe the third is my favourite. Thanks!

    Incidentally both the second and the third suffer from a feature which I find particularly irritating - parts of the background are undefined. I have my monitor set to display a default background which is pink, rather than white, so it makes it very obvious.

  20. Ok, I emailed the author of the second design. We'll see if he replies.

    I too tried to contact the designer of the 3rd one, but his website seems to be down, so I guess that design is out of consideration.

    What I'm gonna do is to try to make a mockup based on those two but with different graphics, and we'll see what comes out.

  21. Great! I know it will be a hit.

  22. Autum CSS is out.

    I'll be working in the girly theme in the next few days. We'll see what comes out.

  23. When you are done smelling the flowers, it might be neat to have this theme →

  24. The new skin for Sandbox-10 is superb I'm going to for my site

  25. That would be an interesting layout to port, bee!


    The CSS skin is for wordpress Sandbox. I doubt it will work on your site since the elements used are different. Might as well write your own CSS.

  26. As always, it's gorgeous. I love your work a lot!

  27. Thank you very much, Cat!


    Okay, I've been working on a girly style. Although It's still a work in progress, I thought to show you guys what I have so far.

  28. OMG it looks beautiful. That theme is going to be a hit amongst the girls at wordpress. I love the flower you chose.

  29. I've met the guy who runs ZenGarden, next time I see him I'll ask if he might do a section for Sandbox skins. You should have a bigger stage to show off on!

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