Skins vs Themes (and .com vs .org)

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    1. have some modest experience with css coding
    2. have purchased the css upgrade

    Not sure I understand the differences between skins versus themes. I also am unsure about that whole, “if you need help go to the dotorg site” bit.

    What I want to do for now is change some of the cosmetic features of my, let’s call it SITE A blog, by overlaying the relevant code into the css box. Sort of worked, but kinda hackish. Thought occurd. “Maybe that’s really a skin? Maybe I should be searching for SKINS and using those in the css box, rather than snagging the css text from themes I like?”

    Also, a bit confused on the dotcom/dotorg issue.

    Months ago I created a site (let’s call it SITE B), and purchased bluehost space, and uploaded themes for Site B – which works dandy. Site B is happy. Not touching it.

    But yesterday I decided that the themes we’re offered just don’t cut it for my SITE A (free page, so I upgraded the css, with hopes of using some themes I like on free SITE A… only .. um.. is it my understanding that once you upgrade your dotcom site it “becomes” a dotorg site?

    How do I get all these nifty zipped themes to be referenced by my newly “css’d” free SITE A?

    Soooo corn-fused.



    With respect to your blog, you cannot ever use the themes that you find all over the net. You can only use the themes available through

    The CSS upgrade allows you to change the appearance of these themes, but not their functionality. Some CSS skins are available, mainly for use with the Sandbox theme. See the sticky threads at the top of the CSS forum for links to some of these. The CSS upgrade does not affect your blog hosting. A blog will always be a blog (even if you pay for the domain mapping) and will always be subject to the restrictions of blogs with respect to themes, plugins, ads and so on.

    If you put the CSS for another theme into the CSS editor it won’t work properly as you discovered. All the themes have different underlying coding and the CSS is not interchangeable.

    Read the sticky thread at the top of the main forum on the differences between .com and .org.



    First, always provide a link to your wordpress.COM blog when asking questions in these forums, especially since the site in your user name is not hosted here (consider linking your user name to your .COM blog as explained in the sticky, 8 Things, at the top of the forums). We get a lot of questions about things we cannot answer from .ORG folks.

    Second, there is a sticky at the top of the forums that explains the differences between .COM and .ORG. They are totally separate. Getting the CSS upgrade does not change you from a .COM blog to a .ORG blog.

    Lastly, there is a big search function at the top of the forums, too. You’ll find that many times, your question has already been answered.

    In this particular case, you will discover that there is no way to use .ORG themes here at .COM. The CSS upgrade is for you to edit the looks of the themes that are available to you in your dashboard. That’s it. And it is not recommended that you purchase the upgrade unless you already have CSS experience because there is no official support for it and only a few people in the forums are well versed in it. Each theme is author-specific, so you can’t just put CSS in the box and have it work.

    Hope that helps clear up some of the confusion.



    I type too slowly :(

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