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    Every post I assign a featured image to comes out in the Post Slider in the Skylark theme. I thought only the posts I assign as “Sticky” and attach a featured image to would show in the Slider. Can someone help me here?

    I want to have posts with featured images NOT appear in the slider.

    The blog I need help with is



    Thanks for reporting this issue! We are looking into it and will push out a fix soon.



    I’m using Skylark portfolio page. Some of the posts that i set to gallery and attach a featured image too, with min pixel width of 280, simply dont show up on the portfolio page! Can you help? My website: thanks!



    i recreated the post by adding a new post and doing copy + paste. now it does show up, but threw another image out. so is 4 the max limit of the featured posts on the portfolio page?



    Hello, I’m using the showcase page. I’m having trouble getting the slider to work. I set posts to sticky, and I assign a featured image… but they don’t show up in the slider…. the slider doesn’t seem to be working period. What’s the problem?


    @daconnoisseur – I pushed out a fix to Skylark which has fixed the issue with recent posts displaying in the slider. Please let us know how this works for you.

    @kitabapita – I looked at your site and it seems like your featured images are too small to display in Skylarks slider. They must be at least 500 pixels wide.

    @nazforlang – Do you have a link to the blog that you are using Skylark on? I looked at your main site and it seems you are using Oxygen.

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