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slide show galleries in structure by organic themes

  1. Good morning

    - I have all these header pics which would go very nicely if there was a way to flick them over - like a slide show..
    Can be done .. ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't believe this would be possible on a blog due to the lack of ability to edit your theme's HTML files.

    You could use the classes WordPress generates for each page to have a different header image for each page, though. To do that you would add this to your CSS stylesheet:
    .page-id-107 #header h1 a, #header h1 a:visited {<br /> background: url("") no-repeat scroll center top transparent;<br /> }

    You would make one of those for each page you want to have a different header image. You would change the 107 to the page id for that page, and of course the file path to the header image you want for that page.

    To find the page id of a given page, go to the pages editor and click on the page in question. In the address bar of your browser, it will show something like this: The part that says, "post=1" is what you're looking for. In this case, the page id is 17. Hopefully that makes sense.

  3. thanks micah, but man! ... that's a complex little sucker

  4. True, it is a little complex, but it's mainly copy-and-pasting :)

    Good luck!

  5. @peterbowes: You can create an animated gif in the right dimensions and upload it as your header image.

    And please link to your blog when asking questions. Or (better) make your username link to your blog (Users > Personal Settings: scroll down to Account Details, paste your blog URL in the Website field, click Save Changes).

  6. It's already linked pana - when I click on peterbowes go straight to the site

  7. It's linked now - it wasn't when I wrote the above.
    (And I wrote it as a general suggestion; personally I didn't need the link, since, as you know, I know your blog.)

  8. ok matey, so is micah good to go .. ? and what is a 'style sheet'

  9. Micah meant paste several of those in the CSS editor (in Appearance > Custom Design > CSS). Do you have the Custom Design upgrade?

    But micah's suggestion is for displaying a different header image on each one of your static pages. I thought you asked about a slideshow-style header image for your blog in general.

  10. I did mean a slideshow header image for the blog in general, and I haven't bought a custom design upgrade - is that the way to go pana?

    - plus I'm a dunce at that sort of thing - but I would like to give it a try

  11. No, the upgrade is not the way to go: you just need what I suggested in my initial reply. Make sure all your images are in the right size for Structure, use an online tool to turn them into an animated GIF, and upload that GIF as your header image.

  12. thanks pana, wher can I send the cheque?

  13. easy scheemzy, you want another question guru?
    How can I get the same slide show on specific post,

  14. Easy schmeezy but I'm still seeing your old header image: no cheque for me till I see a changing image!

    Now, GIFs resized or cropped lose the animation - that's why I said make sure all the images are in the right size for Structure (960×120 px). If by "specific post" you mean set the GIF as a featured image, so that it'll show up on the front page, it can't be done: the cropper crops the image even if it's in the right dimensions. If you mean insert it as a regular image, so that you'll see it when you view that complete post alone, again you can't use the same one you'll have created for the header, as the main column is narrower: you'll need to create smaller versions of the images (maximum width 640 px), turn those into a new animated GIF, and upload and insert that GIF (selecting the Full Size option). Or you can simply upload all the original images to the post (without inserting them) and turn them into a real slideshow:

    By the way, your blog takes too long to load; check the first two replies here please:

  15. thaks again pana, I've dumped over half of the posts, whatbout the the side-bar images? too many? Impatient bunch are we not

  16. - one more small thing - what's about the max number of images to put on a slide show,

  17. pana, you are without doubt one of the finest gentlemen I have ever had the pleasure dealing with - without doubt, so howabout another question, and it is the KEY question - can I load a slide show as a featured image on a post?

    that's it I promise (for now)

    seriously, thanks for the advice mate

  18. You're welcome!

    1) Yes, sidebar images were too many; but I saw you took care of that.
    2) In theory, you can add as many images as you like to a slideshow.
    3) I answered the "KEY" question before you asked it - see above!

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